• Power steering system works
  • Author: admin data: 2012/5/25 14:26:15
  • The power steering system is composed of a set of power assist device on the basis of the mechanical steering system. The following diagram, steering pump installed on the engine by the crankshaft via the belt drive and exporting of hydraulic oil. Steering oil tank 5 into and out of the tubing connector, tubing, respectively, and two steering pumps and steering control valve connection. The steering control valve used to change the oil. Mechanical steering and cylinder formed around two working chamber, were connected through the oil passages and the steering control valve. When the car straight-line driving, the steering control valve will shift to the working fluid tank pump 6 pumps out the same, steering pump is in the unloading state, power steering can not afford to boost the role. When the vehicles need to turn right, the driver's right turn the steering wheel, steering control valve will turn the pump pumps out the liquid and R cavity connected to L chamber with tank connected, the role of the hydraulic piston move down, left and right wheel to the right deflection, in order to achieve the right turn through the transmission structure. Turn left, above the opposite.

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