• Classification and a detailed description of the steering
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  • Steering structure can be divided into various types. History there have been many forms of steering, the more commonly used rack and pinion, worm crank refers to sales and recirculating ball - Rack tooth fan, recirculating ball crank the pin type, worm wheel type. Second, the fourth is the first, a third form of the deformation, while the worm wheel is even more rare. Help in the form, and can be divided into mechanical (no power) and power-style (with help) two, can be divided into pneumatic power type power steering, hydraulic power type, electric power type, electro-hydraulic power-type and other species.
    1) rack and pinion steering
    It is one of the most common steering. The basic structure is a pair of rack and pinion mesh with each other. Steering shaft to drive the rotation of the pinion, the rack will be a straight line. Sometimes, by the rack directly contributing to the tie rod, you can make the steering wheel steering. So, this is one of the most simple steering. Its advantage is simple structure, low cost, steering sensitivity, small size, can be directly contributing to the tie rod. Been widely used in the car.
    2) The worm crank pin steering
    It is a worm for the driving part, the crank pin for the steering of the follower. The worm has a trapezoidal thread, finger-shaped cone refers to the pin with the bearings supporting the crank on the crank and turn to the rocker shaft made one. The steering, turn the worm through the steering wheel, cone embedded in the worm screw slot refers to the marketing side of the rotation around the side of the pitman arm shaft circular motion so as to drive the crank and steering pitman arm swing, and then through the steering linkage to turn wheel deflection. This steering is usually used for large steering force on the truck.
    3) The recirculating ball steering gear
    Recirculating ball: The steering is the rotational force from the steering wheel by a gear mechanism to slow down the steering wheel rotary motion into rotary motion of the worm, ball screw and nut mesh sandwiched ball, and thus the ball screw The lever of the rotary motion into linear motion, the nut engagement with the sector gear, and linear motion into rotary motion again, so that the pitman arm shake, pitman arm linkage rod and tie rod linear motion to change the wheel direction. This is a classic body, modern cars have been mostly no longer used, but applied the latest way power steering device. Circulation within the closed curve of the spiral it is equivalent to the principle use of the relative movement of the nut and bolt during rotation, in the folder into the ball to reduce the resistance between the thread and the thread, connected to all the ball in an inclusive rolling, recirculating ball hence the name.
    4) rack and pinion hydraulic power steering
    Rack and pinion hydraulic power steering and mechanical steering rack and pinion, an increase of steering pumps, steering oiler, steering hose, steering valve, steering cylinder components, in order to achieve improved driver feel to increase the steering of the steering purposes. Domestic After 10 years of development, has formed a mature R & D and manufacturing technology manufacturers - VW Co., Ltd. and other enterprises.
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