• Glossary of the steering
  • Author: admin data: 2012/5/18 23:58:07
  • Steering, also known as steering gear, steering gear, it is turned to the most important parts of the Department. Its role is to: increase the steering wheel to spread the force of the steering linkage and change the direction of force transmission.
      The steering gear defined: manned and unmanned, with the mechanism of the power source during operation, random changes in the device running the course and direction. Full hydraulic steering hydraulic steering gear is widely used in vehicle steering hydraulic steering rudder and the ship. Driving through its smaller control force steering force control, and the performance of safe, reliable, manipulation on a flexible, lightweight.
    Manipulation of the steering is fully hydraulic, which means that there is no mechanical connection between the steering column and steering wheel, hydraulic tube or hose link between the steering gear and steering cylinder.
    When you turn the steering wheel, steering transported according to the proportion of the steering wheel rotation relative amount of oil, the oil flow directly manipulate the cylinder corresponding side of the other side of the oil back to the tank.
    BZZ steering a rotating valve hydraulic steering gear, with the following features: the elimination of mechanical interlocks can reduce the cost of the host, providing a reliable and lightweight structure, manipulating light and flexible, safe and reliable, can be very small torque continuously level control to turn, provided to the control loop as well as host a wide range of size choices, and a variety of steering pumps and hydraulic supply system is connected.

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